About Limbic Arc

What is the Limbic Arc?

The Limbic Arc system consists of a library of quantum-energy wellness "products" that are stored on the cloud and then selected and used within an app that you download onto your phone. For more about this amazing product, please see our The Limbic Arc - Explained by Dr. Cook video.

What makes Limbic Arc different?

Limbic Arc is truly a first-of-its-kind technology. The technology behind the Limbic Arc system was developed over 14 years ago by our parent company, and the technology has been used by thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals. This technology routinely creates life-changing effects as illustrated on our Testimonials page.

There is no competition anywhere in the world because no other company has been able to harness quantum-energy wellness products and deliver them through an easy-to-use app interface.

How to Use the Limbic Arc App

What is an InfoBoost™?

InfoBoosts are the output of quantum energy that are produced through the Limbic Arc app. Each InfoBoost given to you is based on the "product" you have selected and the desired result. InfoBoosts are pre-set for an eight-day duration within the Limbic Arc app. However, you can adjust the length of the InfoBoost to meet your needs and desired results.

Is the app available worldwide?

The app is available anywhere in the world through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How is the app tested to see if it's working?

Dr. Cook addresses this in the Will I feel any physical effect from an InfoBoost? section of our The Limbic Arc - Explained video.


Can the app enhance supplements I'm currently taking?

As our Limbic Arc Compliance video explains, we’re very careful about what we claim, but Dr. Cook illustrates in the Introduction to the Limbic Arc and The Limbic Arc - Explained videos.

Can I share the InfoBoosts with someone else?

The Limbic Arc app is designed to only be used by one person as explained by our Limbic Arc 101: Can I Share My Limbic Login? video. Each person wanting to benefit from the Limbic Arc technology is required to have their own account.

Can I measure "waves" from the app?

In regard to how the app works, please refer to this section of our Limbic Arc Compliance video.

Does Limbic Arc block EMF or 5G?

Limbic Arc doesn't currently provide a EMF/5G-blocker InfoBoost. Please refer to our Product page for a list of pre-built InfoBoosts and library of ingredients.

How do I get started with the Limbic Arc app?

We have guides and videos to help get you up and running!

What happens if I change my phone number?

Changing your phone number won't have an effect on how the Limbic Arc app performs.

What if I change phones, my phone is stolen, or it breaks?

If you acquire a new mobile device, you simply download the Limbic Arc app and log in using your email address and password. Because the InfoBoosts settings are stored on the original device when you initially set them up, you'll need to recreate your InfoBoosts on your new device.

If your phone is off or your battery dies, what happens to my InfoBoosts?

Your mobile device is only used to set up your InfoBoosts and to receive the optional Mindfulness Notifications. Otherwise, no power is needed from your device nor is it required to be powered on.

If the app doesn't work for you, is it easy to opt out?

Deactivating your account is as easy as contacting our Customer Service department.

Can anyone download the Limbic Arc app?

Anyone with an Apple or Android device will be able to download the Limbic Arc app. However, only those Customers and Affiliates who have an active subscription will be able to log in and use the technology.

Can one Limbic Arc app be used on two phones?

You can install the Limbic Arc app on more than one device. However, InfoBoosts that are set up on one device are limited to that device and not replicated to another. Also, creating multiple InfoBoosts on more than one device can increases the chance of “overloading” your energy field. For this reason, we recommend installing the Limbic Arc app on only one device.

How much battery charge does the app consume?

Your mobile device is only used to set up your InfoBoosts and to receive the optional Mindfulness Notifications. Otherwise, no power is needed from your device nor is it required to be powered on. See our Limbic Arc 101: How Does the InfoBoost Work video for more details.

Can the app be installed on a laptop?

The Limbic Arc app is only available for iOS and Android devices.

Does the app with any mobile-service provider?

Your mobile-service provider isn't significant to how the Limbic Arc app performs.

Does the Limbic Arc app affect a pacemaker?

There are no known contraindications for using the Limbic Arc app. Is is safe for infants, children, and adults of all ages, including people with pacemakers, orthopedic replacements, and pregnant women.